1. Does Purewell filter need prime before using? 

For the first time of use, Purewell filters don’t need to prime. Just install black filters and use them directly will be OK.


2. When to clean Purewell filter?

The mud will decrease flow rate (it has no influence to filtration accuracy), so you need to clean filter when you find some mud around filters.


3. How to clean Purewell filter?

1) Uninstall the filters, rush filters surface with pressure water or wipe filter surface with soft & clean cloth gently.
2) Throw out the residue water in filters.
3) Store them in cool, clean and dry place.
Note: Prime the filters before using again.


4. What are additional white plugs used for?

You can use them to stuck the other hole(s) on chamber, when you use only one or two filter(s) for filtration.
2.25 gallon upper chamber has 2 holes.
2.9 gallon upper chamber has 3 holes.